Learn R, Python, SQL and Data Analytics.

R is an ideal language for data analytics, visualization and manipulation. It is ideal for statistical modelling and thanks to the Shiny web framework, the outputs of the analysis can be shared with others easily.

Python is increasingly being adopted by data scientists and other IT professionals. It is a very versatile and powerful language that is also relatively easy to learn.

SQL remains the standard language of data. It is a very mature technology that will surely be around for a few more decades. It is an ideal complement for anyone working with data.

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Elisa V.

Data Visualization Expert

Cooperation with Pablo was very inspiring and beneficial. His knowledge and experience helped our team to move forward in many projects. I appreciate his effective approach in problem solving and his help in skill development of me and my colleagues in Data Science.


Martin S.

Writer, Entrepeneur and Data Analyst

Thanks to the course, I not only overcame my fear of English, but also learned many skills from the trainer, especially “thinking big”.


Joao M.

Data Scientist

“Thanks to your advice I was able to change my career. Today was my first day as a data scientist, it feels right!”



Machine Learning Engineer

“The course I took was immediately useful in my workflow. I could have used one more example about generating synonyms with word2vec, but that is a small complaint.”



Data Analyst

“The course was very well prepared, with lots of examples. I liked the emphasis on indices, because this is really important for Teradata. ”